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the werewolf finds solace

i am in the chapel

werewolf on a ghost planet!
10 August
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i can't believe it.
1984, a silver mount zion, against me!, allen ginsberg, ampere, anton bordman, art, at the drive-in, bass, black flag, black sabbath, bones brigade, books, born against, botch, bucket full of teeth, campfires, charles bronson, charles bukowski, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, cobra kai, combat wounded veteran, converge, cowboys became folk heros, crass, cut the shit, d.s.-13, das oath, dead kennedys, defiance ohio, deltron 3030, descendents, detroit, dillinger escape plan, down in flames, dracula, drugs, dumpster diving, ebullition, emoviolence, filth, folk tales, fugazi, hardcore, hip hop, his hero is gone, holy molar, hot cross, hunter s. thompson, i accuse!, i hate myself, indian summer, ink and dagger, j.r.r. tolkien, kamikaze, kurt vonnegut, lightning bolt, literature, lsd, ludes, marijuana, melt-banana, minor threat, modest mouse, movies, murder city devils, n.w.a., neil perry, nine inch nails, nofx, noise, off minor, oingo boingo, orchid, picnics, pink floyd, poetry, powerviolence, propagandhi, punk rock, racebannon, radiohead, rage against the machine, reagan youth, refused, rep seki, rites of spring, saetia, scholastic deth, screaming, screamo, simon & garfunkle, slayer, sonic youth, stop it!!, swing kids, tear it up, the anniversary, the blood brothers, the clash, the mars volta, the misfits, the oath, the pixies, the ramones, the smiths, the werewolf chapel, these arms are snakes, this is my fist, this_bike_is_a_pipe_bomb, thought crime, threatener, thrift stores, thrifting, transistor transistor, trees, usurp synapse, vampires, vatican commandos, vicodin, vinyl, werewolves, william s. burroughs, wolf eyes, wolves, writing, wu tang clan, xfilesx, yaphet kotto, you and i