werewolf on a ghost planet! (thewerewolfmonk) wrote,
werewolf on a ghost planet!

craig t. nelson, ya dig?

jambo screamd "coach, coach!!!"

he stood in the center of the room spurting ejaculate on every virgin speculum and each pair baby brain scissors.

craig t. nelson pronounced scissors, skkizzors, but you could only hear his anguished moans.

action five news update, good evening, i'm article t. merriweather, with this piece, breaking news. craig t. nelson, college football coach/sitcom star is now believed responsible for the bombing of 13 abortion clinics statewide.

....."hunger, hunger, hunger" babbled the coach star, when asked for a statement.

deep moans echo in basement lairs, godsend peninsula, another talented youngster dead, craig t. nelson thirty five, survived by wife and thirst for unborn child.
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