werewolf on a ghost planet! (thewerewolfmonk) wrote,
werewolf on a ghost planet!

smut junkies in middle america, was there ever a home to go to again

there was a party, a muzzle and a mau, mau.

the old lexington house is no longer where i go to hang my head. i'll admit that it was quite sad to see my home of twenty two years go, and to know that i'll never stumble around the corners and cranny's of that wonderful old house again. we found out two days before that we were leaving. shock and awe, shock and awe. i can't write about this, so nevermind.

so to all that i missed during the chaos, good journeys all around.

i hope to see everyone soon, and hopefully sooner than later we'll have an acid test(probably not, wishful thinking and all that) to break in the new lair.

here's to demigods, in polished suits, scouring the land of all that's good.
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